pondělí 21. října 2013


Hi everyone, we have couple of news.

The first one is, that we finally recorded some new pieces, that will come to the split with great american band from Michigan called Old Soul (great blackened screamo on IFB records), check them out on their bandcamp. It will be released as 12'' split LP and will be out somewhere around January 2014.

The second one is, that we're planning an euro tour in November. We wanna hit Germany, Italy, Switzerland, maybe France, Austria or Belgium. If somebody wants to put a hand and help us by doing a show for us, please let us a note on Nicbookingpilsen@gmail.com.

See our facebook page for more news and info.

neděle 7. dubna 2013

Vinyls released!

We are very happy to announce, that we just released an LP version of our "Demo". The load is 250 pcs + 50limited pcs (with plotter paper improved case). You can order your piece right here: http://www.dayafter.cz/store/index.php?action=detail&item_id=12029&lang=2

úterý 12. února 2013

Tapes! Vinyls!

Hi, we're going to release our record physically. It will be through our friend Lilek in Stoned to death records. He will make 100pcs (50white/50black). It will be out soon, stay in touch!

Vinyl version will come limited in 250pcs right after tape releases.

New video

Official video for "I" from our Demo. Thanks to Petra Bláha (www.petrblaha.cz) for whole visuals.

úterý 15. ledna 2013

Bandcamp profile and new record